How to Play Guide

Create an account, connect your Riot ID, and start fragging out to earn xp, rewards, and top spot on the leaderboards


Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges are a way to keep your grind in VALORANT going by setting achievable tasks for you to complete to earn XP towards larger prizes. The daily challenges live on the homepage of Champria, so as soon as you create an account or log in, you'll be greeted with your missions. Click 'start' to join the challenges you want, and then drop in the game and start clicking heads.

Champria Currency

In the world of Champria, there are two ways playing in VALORANT can reward you. The first is with tickets. By completing daily tasks, you can earn tickets. These tickets can be used to gain admission to largerbattles, where you'll really be put to the test against a wide group of people for larger prizes. The other currency we use is credits. Credits can be redeemed in our store for prizes such as gift cards to your favorite places, and more. How many credits can you earn? Start playing to find out!


Our store is the place where your sick plays in VALORANT really pays out. Here, you can redeem your hard earned credits for gift cards to your favorite stores! Playing video games is never a waste of time, but now you can really feel how rewarding success in VALORANT can be.

Creating A Battle

Battles are a fantastic way to engage community members. Imagine this: your community, active and working towards a unified goal. Whether that goal is to figure out which member can deal the most damage, or get the most kills, it's up to you to get started. No more are the nights of empty voice channels or dead chats. What are you waiting for?

To get started, head over to the side panel and find the dropdown menu forbattles, then click on 'create abattle'. There's loads of settings you can play with to make the event truly yours, but the main stuff you should look for is naming thebattle, and setting thebattle metrics. You can set the game mode to competitive and unrated, or for those keeping the grindset going, you can set it to competitive only. If you want your players to try out new agents, try setting thebattle to be agent specific. Set the timeline for the event with the 'Start' and 'End' boxes, then once you hit the 'Create' button you're all set! Grab the link to thebattle by clicking on the “Invite” button on thebattle page, and start sharing that baby around to all your friends, rivals, and community members. It's that simple.